Live Support


EMG provides teams of musicians for artists.

This ranges from a horn section or string section to a full band. For tour purposes, TV-shows, showcases, recordings. We are in touch with the best players in the business and we are used to putting the right musicians together in order to create magic. We will find the right musicians to perfectly match the requirements of your band or artist.




  • Arrangements for strings or horn sections which you add to your band. Writing arrangements for your projects, creating a dynamic set-list that will keep the crowd’s attention. EMG has the know-how and experience to help bands and artists with these, often under estimated, tasks.
  • Simple transcribing of an existing set into Sibelius lead-sheets or detailed charts per instrument.
  • Backing tracks or loops can be produced and programmed to support live shows


Musical Direction

Every good band has an MD who leads the team and gets the best out of everybody. This person is often the direct link with the artist and will make sure the artist gets the backup he or she needs on stage. The MD will make sure his or her team is well-rehearsed and fully adjusted to the artist’s needs.

EMG Musical Directors have worked with a great number of different artists and have extensive experience of dealing with their requirements, their moods, their musical wishes etc.