Recent projects :

Paul Adams released his EP, King For A Day

Fully mixed by Dave Imby. Drums, guitars, bass, Hammond recorded at Ibstone studio. Production by Barnaby Dickinson.





We recorded 16 tracks for Beatles By Girls full rock n roll band plus the Fab strings. We are in the mixing process and songs will be released one by one with matching videos. More on this soon!


The Tootsie Rollers released their album!

Fully recorded at Ibstone Studios. Produced by Barnaby Dickinson, mixed by Dave Imby


Only available at the live concerts for the moment, so checkout



We finished the new album for The 4-tunes.

The full production and recording was done in our own Ibstone Studios in Henley. Produced by Barnaby Dickinson, mixed by Dave Imby.




EMG recently recorded and produced the charity single ‘Walk The Walk’ for The Tootsie Rollers.

which is released to raise funds for an organisation fighting breast cancer.

Production by Barnaby Dickinson, mix by Dave Imby.


EMG produced a full live album for Kid Creole and the Coconuts.

The legendary artist August Darnell has never released a live album before, so this was a pretty unique project. The show was captured live at the B-spot in France and was mixed by Dave Imby at Motormusic Belgium.

Release date coming soon!


EMG created a new concept band : Brooklyn Boulevard

All info in our artist roster of EMG entertainment




Examples of mixes by Dave Imby


Projects the EMG team contributed to :

– booking and organisation Sheila E live concert @ B-Spot Nice (France)



– Production and mixing backing track for Kylie Minogue & John Bishop. BBC John Bishop’s Christmas Show



– All music productions for Lauren Anny J

– Fixing, rehearsing and running the new live band for Kid Creole and the Coconuts (2009 until present)




– Creating a new live band for the Belgo/Spanish artist Belle Perez

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 19.52.06


– Delivering TV mix for live documentary Anne TV Unplugged – Belle Perez (Belgium)

– Production and mix for the upcoming 1st ever live album of Kid Creole & The Coconuts

– Artist development for Lauren Anny J (2012 – 2014)

– Management, booking, artistic development for Motown Supremacy (2010 until present)

– Custom made entertainment for the exclusive RSLP events and parties



– Organisation : Imbytation nights at Troubadour – London