Music Production


Production is part of our core business.

Singles, Albums, Jingles, Commercials, … EMG can produce your work from beginning to end. If we don’t have the right producer for your project in-house then we know who to refer you to, or we can co-produce.

We take care of all elements of the recording process. Studio planning, booking musicians, choosing the right engineer and mixer. We run our own recording facilities just outside the city and we have access to all levels of studios in London, from budget studios for smaller productions, to bigger studios like Metropolis, or the world famous Abbey Road Studios.

For live recordings with audience, we have a partnership at the French Riviera with the B-Spot in Nice. A state-of-the-art live concert venue with facilities for audio and video capturing.

For some examples of our productions, checkout our Portfolio section


EMG collaborates with different record labels and can get your music released on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc